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Eco Marketing to present at FutureM

Sustainable Marketing is the Future We have only one planet, but we’re using the resources of five or more planets. Climate change is very real. Freak storms are increasingly common. While there are water shortages in some regions, there are floods in others. The United States has experienced the hottest summer on record. In response, [...]

Marketing begins with a value proposition

Last week at the Northeast Region Cleantech Open Academy in Boston I conducted a workshop entitled Smart Marketing for Startups. The focus was on crafting a value proposition. Although this was geared toward startups, having a strong and compelling value proposition is critical for all businesses, and for each product and service they sell. Your [...]

Prescriptions for Sustainability

  Recently, I had the privilege to hear several experts speak about this topic. They all offered opinions and advice. Some recommendations presented are actionable. Here are some that got me thinking: (1) Steven Chu, Secretary of the US Department of Energy (DOE): Products invented in America and sold worldwide represent the seeds of our [...]

Entrepreneur U: Smart Marketing for Emerging Companies

Here’s the presentation we gave at the CleanTech InnoVenture Center in Lynn, MA on August 17, 2011. Thank you to all who participated! It was a lively discussion. Smart marketing – Entrepreneur U View more presentations from Beth Zonis

Green Chemistry Leadership in New England

Massachusetts has the unique opportunity to be a world leader in Green Chemistry.  Many local colleges and universities have Green Chemistry courses, including UMass Boston with the country’s first PhD program in Green Chemistry.  With the help of John Warner, President and Chief Technology Officer of Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry and Paul Anastas, [...]

Eco Marketing is like regular marketing, just nuanced

Eco Marketing requires all of the usual marketing considerations, but nuanced.  For every organization the starting point should be a value proposition that is meaningful to your customers.  As Jacqueline Ottman explains in Green Marketing Myopia[1], it’s important not to get too carried away with the green-ness or sustainability of your offering, at the expense [...]

Differentiation in a Sea of Green

“Green marketing” requires all of the usual marketing considerations, just nuanced. First, it’s critically important to know your customer.  Does your “green-ness” matter?  How much?  Is there a new market that is now open to you because of your green-ness?  Where does “green” fit in their buying criteria?  Do they care how green you are [...]